Think Before You Ink image

Thinking about finding a house for next year? You don’t need to do it yet! 

We know that there is a misconception that you should start finding next year’s housing before the new term starts, but this isn’t true. Therefore, we have teamed up with University of Bath Students’ Union to remind you to - ‘Think, before you Ink’. 

Why shouldn’t I sign just yet?

  1. Many of the houses won’t be available until January 25th when our Student Pad launches. (Student Pad is the Universities’ official place to search for housing) Other agencies and landlords have also agreed not to launch any houses until this date too. 

  2. There is no rush, this year or any other year. However, with COVID-19, life is pretty unpredictable at the moment and we don’t know what’s going to happen next week let alone next year. We recommend waiting to see what the progressing situation is with the pandemic and with your teaching before you commit to a contract.

  3. Contracts are legally binding documents. Once you’ve signed the contract, you can’t change your mind. If you decide you want to live with different people or change universities, you legally have to continue to pay rent unless you can find someone to replace you. 

  4. The housing market in Bath is healthy. There are plenty of properties for both Bath Spa and University of Bath students, so take your time to find the perfect place. 

  5. Your safety is important. Online viewing makes it difficult to spot things like mould and pests. We encourage you to wait until January, when it should be safe to go and personally view a house yourself. 

Further information, including FAQs and top tips can be found on our housing page.